From anywhere, with any device and compatible with existing tools.


Design, easy to use, suited to your needs.


GDPR Compliant, hosting & backup on server and cloud, access and functionalities secured to users types.


We develop the extra functionalities and workflows you need and shape the program so that it becomes yours en yours only.


All functionalities combined in one software allows you to spare money.

What do you get with Contacts & Events?

A CRM that goes beyond the simple database.

In addition to the basic functionalities you can find in any program, we've added some sweet features

  • Import of existing contacts with ease, add new one easily with their business cards
  • Advanced grouping, filters and segmentations
  • Double-entries detection
  • Complex profile allowing you to deal with all types of organisations specificities
  • History of your contact relationship on its profile
  • Personalized workflows
  • Personalized reports export

An event management solution supporting you every step of the way.

  • Create new events in no time
  • Create and assign tasks to your team (ready-made to-do lists are available)
  • Follow your attendee list in real time
  • Gather all multimedia and presentation needs for your speakers in one place
  • Get and export full attendance list, including dates of arrivals, hotels and any special requests

A registration system easy to launch that you can trust.

No more need for extra help to organize your registration process

  • Create a registration webpage in one click
  • Manage pricing according to profiles and date of registration (early birds system)
  • Manage changes, including cancelation and modifications with ease
  • QR code and badge creation automated
  • Follow-up the subscriptions and get a perfect overview of who is present at your event in real time with our iPad app

A reliable tool to communicate with your guests.

Get all your communications centralized in one place

  • Send and automate your ‘save the date’, invitations, confirmations, reminders etc. directly from our software
  • Get an easy bridge with Mailchimp
  • Gather all specific demands directly in your contacts’ profile
  • Gather all the pictures of your event

A welcomed support for your accounting.

  • Manage your contacts memberships
  • Send your invoice and reminders automatically
  • Get a good summary of the amounts paid as well as any outstanding balances

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